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How to Ensure Maximum Security in Your Virtual Data Room Services

A virtual data room is a universal bundled utility that accompanies managing business transactions to ensure maximum security during operations with sensitive business data. Here is more about it.

Virtual data room: security in a cloud

The digitalization of business processes includes the automation of a significant part of the internal and external communications of the enterprise. It is possible to robotize not only logistics but also internal business processes of the company, for example, working with contractors. For this, a virtual data room was invented.

The data room is a business SaaS–based solution for organization secure collaboration between contractors. This critical task requires a whole range of measures. For example, strict control over providing access to data, compliance with the requirements for their safety, and ensuring protection against hacker attacks are essential measures. It is hardly feasible if the company has no IT department. Thus, a cloud-based data room is a perfect alternative.

Basic security functions

Modern data room vendors implement the most robust security measure into their developments to ensure maximum security. According to, they are as follows:

  • Documents in a data room are stored not in the file system but in the database, guaranteeing their integrity and control of user access.
  • The system will be individual for each user, i.ะต., documents and tasks unrelated to the employee are not visible or accessible to him.
  • The system is equipped with additional document protection by installing secrecy labels (For official use, Confidential). Employees who do not have access to such vultures will not be able to open the document.
  • Built-in means of cryptographic information protection guarantee the integrity of files of current versions of documents at the stage of their approval, signing, and familiarization.
  • In the data room, the guarantor of the legal force of documents is an electronic signature. Using cryptographic methods, you can protect documents from unauthorized persons. But if the electronic signature falls into the wrong hands, it will be difficult for the owner to prove criminal acts. An electronic signature is a cryptographically encrypted record confirming a particular person’s authorship. You need a key to access and use the electronic signature.
  • Information is stored on secure servers, and the system makes backup copies to ensure maximum safety. It eliminates the risk of data loss in a company relocation or office renovation.
  • Access to confidential information is limited to those employees who need it to perform their job duties. Additionally, you can configure saving the history of documentation requests. So in the event of a change or deletion of a document, you can quickly determine which employees worked with it.

So, all these items are mandatory to ensure a minimum level of information security, but they are not always sufficient. You can spend a lot of money on infrastructure and complex systems but fall victim to the negligence or inattention of some empowered employee. No wonder the statistics say that 90% of all information security incidents are related to the human factor. Therefore, constant educational and preventive work with personnel is required.